Our days are made up of moments, some great and some low but none-the-less moments that make you stop and think or stop and laugh, both of which make these moments last.

The moment when someone comments that you look tired. Ummm....thanks? Pretty sure that's not a compliment. #ohmen

The moment when you're delivered your first cup of morning goodness and are quickly reminded that you married a good one! #browniepoints

The moment when you send around the 'Hump Day' commericial to your colleagues only to realise that the 'Hump Day' saying doesn't really translate the same over here. #fail

The moment when you're watching TV with friends and realise that the 'baps' does not always mean the same thing as 'sandwiches' #livingabroadproblems

And the moment your best friends arrive to see you and explore your new home! #yesterday 

Here's to amazing moments with these two this week. 

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  1. So happy for your heart right now! Hugging you, twinnie! I know y'all are having the best time together! EEEEE! YAYAYAY! xx

  2. Have fun with your friends!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Have fun with your friends, how special!

  4. Have so much fun, sweet girl! :)

  5. Hope you are having an amazing time! xx

  6. Love getting little glimpses into the moments that make up your life!


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