Struggles & blessings of life abroad

Hello lovely sweets!

All great things have an ending and in less than 24hrs two of my favs jump on a jumbo back to the sunshine state after an incredible week of catching up and exploring my new home. I'll be recapping on our week super soon but until then head over to the ever-so lovely Wifessionals to read all about my struggles and blessings through my life across the pond.

Have a fab weekend!!! 
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  1. I loved your post over there. I commented there but also wanted to on your blog as well. But my husband and I moved to England about six months ago with our 13 month old daughter. Those first few months were full of exciting firsts and homesickness. Now at the six month part, this now feels like home and we've gotten used to it all...driving on the left included!

  2. Absolutely loved your post! I too got engaged moved to Spain, came back got married moved to Czech Republic, came back for a summer moved to Finalnd, got pregnant came home and will go back overseas in October once the baby is 3 months old. It has been a crazy, scary, amazing blessing! Really those who have been in it are those who truly understand. My husband plays basketball so we got to a new country for 8 months then come home for 4. Now taking a baby girl over will be a whole new adventure! Would love to talk to you more about all your adventures!

    XO, Brooke

  3. Loved your post! I can kind of relate because I moved away from where I grew up, although it is not quite as big of a move as what you've done... it still has it's days! I love your advice on not dwelling on what it "could" be and making the best of what you have! :)


Love hearing from you, every thought and sweet note is a blessing. Thanks for being a day maker :)